It may not be a question of ‘if’ it may be a question of ‘when’.

Panama TR4 is unpredictable, easily spread and is here to stay. It’s best to be prepared.

How can you protect your farm and the industry

Panama disease can survive in soil undetected for decades, so no-one can know where it will turn up next.  Good biosecurity is the best protection for your farm. 

Here’s some resources on how you can be Panama TR4 ready – click on the circles to find out more.

TIP – Get your biosecurity measures in place now. It’s a lot harder to get biosecurity measures
implemented after the disease has been detected on your property.

Biosecurity Queensland’s Panama TR4 Program and the Australian Banana Growers’ Council are here to support growers to be Panama TR4 ready.

Contact 13 25 23 to find out how we can help or email

Learn more about Panama TR4 - watch this short animated video